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HMDH Academy gives you several different enrollment options to choose from. You can choose between our monthly and yearly enrollment options for both levels of study Beginning and Advance.

Why should I enroll ?

You want to learn how to make my your own handbags, from your own design to finished bag, and you want it to look really good! HMDH Academy can help you with that!

“We Inspiring creative through knowledge”

Pattern Making

Quality instruction without the cost of a traditional brick and mortar design school. We offer you quality instruction in the comfort of your own home and your own pace. You walk away with a solid foundation in handbag pattern making and construction.

Video Tutorials

Easy to follow step by step instructional videos with notes. Watch the videos, create your design sketch based on the lesson. Make your pattern, your bag and look at the professional results you achieved at home !

Assignments,Grading, Certificate

At HMDH Academy we want to make sure you are learning what we promised you would learn. So we have quizzes, assignments and activities to round out the learning experience.

New Monthly Content

Each month we  bring you new content, that will allow you to continually grow your craft. We have a library of  handbag subject matter to teach and share with you.

Our Mobil App

Our Mobil App is coming! Then you can take us anywhere, on any device and learn. As long as you have our app, you are just a step away from making a bag.

Our Community

Our Community is new we offer student support, answers questions about anything handbag related and try to have fun and make new friends.

Become an expert

We can’t promise you will become a professional pattern making, or a famous handbag designer but what we can promise, is to give you the tools you need for the journey!

For less then 75¢ a day you can discover, if the label “handbag designer” is for you!


Got a few questions before you enroll?

How does the free trial work?

We don’t have a free trail per se, but if you download our app you can get access to free shorts and a free tutorial. You can also receive updates. Receive coupons notification save and get notifications about what’s going on with us!

How often do you release new content?

We try to release new content every month. Sometimes it may not be a full tutorial depending on what group you are in. Shorts demo’s focused on a specific technique could be released weekly, so it all depends.

Do you have group Enrollments?

Yep, we now support groups! Got a craft or sewing club or organization and you want to offer members courses in handbag construction and design? Maybe you have a Facebook group and want to offer your members something special and still keep your group members together . Contact us we can do that, let’s see what we can work out.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep you can cancel anytime! Both yearly and monthly are subscriptions. You can cancel via Paypal under your subscriptions in your Paypal profile. Are request via email, but to advoid mistakes cancel via Paypal.

What age groups do you support?

We don’t have a specific age group restriction, if you can operate a sewing machine then you can learn handbag design.We encourage the young to have fun with this fading craft. Somebody got keep the old ways alive!

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

You got me and Linda, my wife and partner, instructors with over 50 years experience between us. We answer questions in our community groups so they can be shared with each student. You can also email us, but it’s always best to share answers with others, sometimes there is more than one answer to the problem.

Beginning Courses

What will you learn? Why you’ll learn how to make any soft handbag you can imagine. It’s as simple as that!

Advanced Courses

What will you learn? You ‘ll learn how to make any constructed handbag, period. That simple!

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