Supply list

Here is a short supply list, the most important thing when sewing leather is you’re sewing machine, a home machine will not give you the results you are looking for.

  1. Fabric:  Medium to heavy.
  2. Pattern Paper- oaktag or poster board that students use in school. The paper should be stiff, so that the pattern can be used more then once.
  3. Steel ruler 24″ and a 36″ is recommended.
  4. Scissors and utility knife or Exacto knife.
  5. Rubber cement- this should be very good quality Rubber cement, if you have a Tandy leather or any place that sells sewing supplies for leather would be a good start.
  6.  Cutting board
  7. Think about the bags you would like to make, you will start with a tote, think about closures, like magnetic snaps, drop locks or turn locks.
  8. To get ideas, go to Ohio Travel Bag, you can google them.
  9. Bontex- The school sells Bontex to students. You can visit our store to order.

This list will get you started, you can buy additional supplies as you go through the classes and you will buy tools to your specific needs.


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