Production Incubator

HMDH Academy is working with a local manufacturer in the Las Vegas, Nevada area to provide small production runs for designers looking to spend more time promoting and selling their brand than sitting behind a machine creating production to fill orders. If you need 6-12-24 or a hundred pieces, we can provide a low cost manufacturing on demand to meet your requirements. All production is done locally, Made in America can be displayed proudly, when you are promoting your brand. Small production allows you to not have to sit on inventory, you can adjust quickly to changing trends in the marketplace, more importantly it allows you to grow.

Do you have your own patterns and sample? We will make the production sample for $300.00 and give you a cost breakdown on production of each design, setup costs and turnaround around time. if you decide to go forward approve the sample a 50% deposit is required to start production and the remainder to be paid before shipping your order once completed. Contact us and let us know your needs and see if we can help.

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