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We no longer carry Bontex. Please contact us for information on where to purchase.

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Bontex starter kit has all the Bontex you need to get started. Bontex was the brand name of a latex saturated cellulose based materials primarily use for footwear and handbags. What we are using is “Flex paper” which is specific to the handbag, accessory, and luggage market. Bontex is treated to prevent mold and fungus from forming in your handbag.

Bontex is known as Texon in Europe and Asia.

The paper measures app 36 x 44 per sheet. Sheet sizes vary from the manufacture.

Kits are shipped in a box to ensure they are protected. Box size is 48 x 4 x 4

To view Bontex video click here.

The cost per sheet is $5.39 + handling $3.95

Total price is 26.95+3.95 = $30.90.

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We provide this as a service to our students only to acquaint them with the product.

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