I was talking with my friend and mentor Michelle Lalonde via messenger and we were talking about how we could as instructors enhance the learning experience of our students via activities outside of the classroom. Michelle travels a lot as a designer doing high end shows where she sales her unique high end designs, she was also my instructor at F.I.T and over the last 25 years has become a dear friend. As she was telling me how the shows were gong she started to speak about how their was nothing out there , everything look like a formula, no one was pushing the envelop with designs that set you apart. I chimed in to say I thought it was the fact that simplicity sells. Todays women are into simplicity which doesn’t allow for much creativity because the range is not that wide to explore. Well , it was on messenger so how much can you type, huh?

Anyway after thinking about it, it is most likely a number of factors and one being their are fewer people who have the resources to get to the level to influence design. The business of handbags could very well be the culprit giving rise to the ever growing, they all look alike bags. The cost of making complex bags is also a factor even though a lot of bags including top brands are made in China. The more steps to complete a bag, the more people needed to make that bag, a step is a person to complete that step. The manufacturer always tries to find a way to cut a step, a corner. Example is thread, leather bags made in China have a high failure rate after a few years, why? The thread, they cut corners on the thread! So we have the high cost of marketing, the manufacture wanting to cut production cost and a simplistic consumer, that could be the reason  for the all look alike bags!


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