This is a bag I did as a student 20 odd years ago at F.I.T! I found it in storage and decided it would make a great new class for HB2. After looking at its construction 20 years later, I’m actually amazed that I designed it!

It has a construction difficulty level of 9 out of 10, it’s taken me a minute to figure out how I made it. This bag is a little asymmetrical, has two zipper pockets on the outside and two pockets on the inside with zip lining pockets. It’s a very functional bag with a middle divider. The most important of this bag is determining the sewing sequence I want to use.

I’ve decided to do it as a raw edge leather bag, but as most of you know the only difference will be no seam allowance. In the pictures below the zipper was to heavy and needs to be a find zipper so that it doesn’t fight agains the curves. I’ve bought some Super Lampo T5 Special Brass Eco zippers 13″ at a whooping $12.06 per zipper. I’m also using Au Chinois Thread used by high edge bag makers the cost was $45.00 per spool and they are really small #632 a mere 300 yards. I should have used a thicker thread that would have allowed the stitch to be more pronounce, the leather will be Horween leather.

Since this bag will take some time to do properly, I will have a follow along class and will post images and videos as I develop the bag. Like most designers who are never satisfied, I will make changes as I go forward. I’ve already decided to change certain elements, but for those of you who are patient, it could be a very interesting design process. I’m thinking about how to revise the strap to give it a more classic look, I have a couple of ideas, but nothing has said “YES” in my mind. This will be a combination hand and machine sewing. The topstitch will be hand stitched so that if I do make a mistake, I can correct without wasting too much leather. Plus I really want to up my hand stitching game.

We actually have a new student who has agreed to shoot some video for the school on his hand sewing techniques, so I’m hoping that works out. I think you will see a dramatic difference between this bag in canvas and raw edge leather.

abstractbag abstract2

As always I will start with the pattern explanation which I will start to post Monday. I will post a few pictures  on the blog and in the student lounge but, the class will be in BH2.

Here is a question! What do you think is the first pattern piece you make when designing this bag?


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