We got a brand new class coming on Friday! This class will teach you how to make a one piece pattern!

In a one piece pattern you are combining the gusset, the bottom , front and bag and the flap. If you want to make a tote then you don’t add the flap portion of the pattern. With this style we are teaching you how to form a V gusset that can be go straight up the bag or lay flat causing the bag to push inward. This type of gusset has been used by Prada and other major design houses and is a great technique to create some really cute designs.

The design we are doing will have a  handle across the body of the bag so that it can be carried as a clutch and you can add a retractable handle at the top to be carried as a purse then the hand strap becomes the closure for your bag!

Placement of details are crucial when doing a handbag with this design, once you have sewn your side seam you will have few opportunities to make adjustments, you may want to try a simpler design before you tackle the  complex design that I made as a sample to show you what you can do with this technique. As always it’s about the technique and not the design. As always encourage you to create your own designs.

There is a about a 30 second pause on this explanation of the pattern.


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