One of the most important parts of making your handbag design and handbag patterns are the gussets. It enhances the look of your handbag and creates dimension, expansion and functionality. You can have the same front and back on a handbag and change the type or shape of the gusset and you have a totally different design.

Did you know that all gusset development really starts with three simple techniques? Everything else is called designing!

There is the “U” shaped gusset the “wrap around gusset” and the T-bottom!

The “U” allows for you to design frt/bk and the bottom, the gusset determines the shape.

The wrap around allows for the frt/bk to determine the shape.

The “T” allows all the different parts of the bag to come together. The front-back-bottom and gusset, add the flap, a complete one piece constructed bag.


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