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What does HMDH stand for? Howtomakeadesignerhandbag.com! You remember us?

Our youtube videos have had over 2.5 million page views and 10,000 subscribers! We have taught (geez I really don’t know), millions how to make handbag patterns and how to put them together. We don’t post videos to youtube anymore, the last one was five years ago when we decide to start howtomakeadesignerhandbag,com.

How did we get our name? That was the question someone asked and we answered and the name stuck. Read more about us

We have taught hundreds and hundreds of students over the years here at Howtomakeadesignerhandbag.com, how to make top quality handbags at home. Many have went on to start their own handbag business and earn extra cash. Some of our students just like to make handbags for fun and for family, whatever your goal is we give you the skills to get there.

We have help men and women learn handbag design from Africa to Canada, from Asian to Europe. I believe that this simple skill can help people all over the world who don’t have access to this training and opportunity to learn and enrich their lives and their communities. Knowledge, creates opportunities and opportunities creates jobs and that helps the whole community.

Here is what a student from France said:

“I want to learn at home  for later make and sale bags with a friends of mine. We haven ’t school like this in france, is so sad thanks.Véronique”

That’s why we do what we do and this how we do it!

HMDH Academy is an online school. We’ve been at it for about 5 years teaching handbag pattern making and construction. We teach you old fashion pattern making, all hand work, from the sketch, to the pattern, to putting the bag together, to finished product, the only thing you need the computer for, is to sell and market your creativity.

We provide you with support, individual attention and sometimes live classes. We answer each and every question, you can request a one to one, whatever level of support we can provide, we do. We have forums for every class, so you can look at past student’s questions and responses to those questions. Our student lounge is where students gather to show their work, ask questions and get feedback from students that are from all over the world.

Our video instructions are easy to understand, with notes, step by step instructions, running anywhere from 75 minutes to over 2 hours.  They aren’t fancy they are simple, easy and down to earth. We teach every facet of handbag construction, soft, hard, day or evening, box, frame or making your own frames. We really do teach it all. It is he most intensive handbag course you will find on the internet.  You won’t find a better start to discovering if handbag design is for you.

We have had hundreds of students over the years.  Some have went on to open their own businesses, find employment and some just enjoy the idea of working with their hands and being able to make wonderful gifts for family and friends. What you decide to do is up to you.

The one thing we can promise, you will learn how to make handbags, leather or fabric, even alternative materials, doesn’t matter, we got you!

Here is what a new student posted today Oct 15, 2015 in the student lounge:

“Wow! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the vigorous response. Richard you should indeed be proud of the group you have taught and inspired. When I started working with leather four years ago I was really saddened by how much of a knowledge lost there was in this skill set. Even living close to NYC it was difficult to find resources that would teach modern handbag making, leather sewing and working with industrial equipment. Your initial youtube videos were a blessing and joining your academy has been even more so.”

That’s what we are about, preserving knowledge and passing it on.

“www.howtomakeadesignerhandbag.com teaches members how to price work,how to make patterns and design all types of handbags. Two accessories designers have developed the website-Richard and Linda Manigault-I recommend it to everyone involved in accessories. You will learn as much there as you would taking classes at any school.”

Michelle Lalonde Former professor F.I.T- NYC  michellelalondeaccessories.com


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