From sketch to completed bag, at HMDH Academy you learn handbag pattern making and construction. We don’t teach a specific style of bag, what we teach is how to make all bags by using a combination of techniques and combining those techniques to make and design any bag you see or can design yourself.

Our lessons are Progressive, each lesson builds on the previous lesson. For that reason all lessons are completed in order, lessons can not be viewed or completed at random. The beginning course teaches everything you need to know about making a soft unconstructed bag. If you can squeeze it with your hand than the beginning handbag course can teach you to make it. When you leave the course you will look at handbags totally different. You will see the construction first, then the design, then you will think ” hmmm I can make this”!

Take a look at our gallery to see just a few bags made by students out of thousands over the years.