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    When I look at zippers in the Ohio Travel Bag catalog there are so many different types. There are different teeth sizes, closed end, coil sizes etc. Can you give me an rough guide on what zippers are most appropriate for bags? I’m just starting now with the T-bottom tote. Thanks



    Hi Chuck,

    You want a nice smooth flow to your zipper, so I tend to like coil by the yard and then I order zipper pulls to go with how many yards. . I base that on the average length of my usage, which is 12 to 17 inches. Base on that I will order 3-4 zipper pulls per yard. You will also need zippers for your linings too, those would be a smaller finer zipper.  When starting out try to keep your experimental cost down.

    M. D.

    I’ve been researching Highest Quality Zippers?? what would be used on high end bags??



    any others you can suggest in your opinion.

    I don’t like Zippers that bite when you rub your hand past it.



    Hi M.D,
    Bonati are some of the best, very expensive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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