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    Edith Ting

    Any suggestions on how to keep the sides from bulging out?  Perhaps an insert?  Or am I over thinking this?ET U shaped messenger bag


    Edith Ting

    I did not mention that the bag will be lined with the same canvas, and the insert I was considering would be added to the lining as a divider.


    Bonnie Stillwell

    Hi Edy – are your straps attached to the top of the gusset? I can see rivets there. Will the gusset actually fold inwards > -< . A shot of your gusset might help.


    Hi Edy,

    I agree with Bonnie, give me a shot of the gusset! If your straps are attached, then they are pulling the gusset outward to get around your flap. Did you surge that flap?


    Edith Ting

    Here are some photos of the gusset and yes I did overlap stitching so the fabric woykdn’t fray which won’t be seen when stitched together from the inside and lined.  Inside side gussetSide gusset


    Yep the strap is attached to the gusset, so it will pull them out giving you the bulging effect, no way to fix that. I was just wondering what you were going to do with those edges.


    Edith Ting

    Side gussets with modificationsHere are some photos of the finished bag.  I wanted to know how to do both techniques you presented and I’ve learned alot.  Here is how I addressed the issues on this bag where the sides were bulging out.  I folded in the sides and secured with rivets then finished up with hand tacking.  Inside ogpf bag is one big storage no internal pocketsFinished U shaped messenger bag


    Hi Edith,

    By stitching the strap to the gusset the way you did you stopped the gusset from expanding. So if you look at what you did, then your original design issue could have been resolved by making the gusset less wide at the top. The body type of the individual for example if they were big would still pull the gusset away from the bag also. Whatever goes in the gusset pocket if heavy would also pull the gusset outward too. Overall, it’s a great, useful messenger bag, I like it.


    Edith Ting

    Thank you Richard, I have been mulling that design issue over since I made the bag and that is what I thought to to narrow the top of the gusset.  I did not take into consideration that the bag is a soft bag overall.  I appreciate your knowledge and your helpfulness very much.  Thank you for your feedback, I am here to learn.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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