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    I’ve watched the first video (again, since it has been awhile)  Created my set of patterns, sketched my design and pulled my fabrics to create the color board. Tomorrow, I hope to start cutting my fabrics, linings and stays! Going to keep it simple with a welt pocket on the outside and a zipper on the inside with a magnetic closure. (I’m floating the possibility of a leather strap closure but think I’ll sleep on it.

    Design SketchDesign Sketch

    Color BoardColor Board

    Patterns (I like to use multi-colored poster board for my patterns. Once color each for the Master, Lining & O/S  pattern pieces)patterns Richard – I do have a question…

    1) Do you want us to submit photos of these things to you as we go, or wait until we have completed the assignment and then submit photos of the process and finished item once completed?





    Hi D’Anna,

    This is your assignment, so wait until you have finished the bag then submit. Share in the forums and on the Facebook page your completed bag.


    Hi wanted to introduce myself and pop by.

    I’ve been looking a bags to get some ideas and then realised all my choice of bags are totes which amused me greatly. I wondered if there were any restrictions on the types of fabric we can use to make the bag…….I quite fancy recycling  some faux leathers, ropes etc………. I just want to be able to have a play, i’m excited.

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    I was wondering the same thing.   I have a lot of leather and wool coats to use.   I did these two beginner bags before I started the course.




    I know it’s exciting.. Also tote bags must be like the toiletry bag style and some clutch bags look like totes as well?


    Well the top purse was made from a leather jacket and I use the purse everyday.  I am a pillow maker so I have about every color and probably close to 80-100 jackets, so I will use them, but I also need to work on pockets, etc.   The pockets on the purse came with the jacket…..  I need to step up my skills a great deal, and that is why I’m excited about the class.  You can only make soo many zipper pouches and bags.. lol



    There are no restriction on material you can use to make any bag. I like using unusual materials, they force me to learn things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise



    Those two bags you made are excellent, you should do well in the course. They are nice examples of repurposed leather! Could you share them on the Facebook group?



    okay so now Im kicking myself.. I just signed up to start and of course before christmas and actually took 3 older leather and faux leather coats to good will!! Lesson learnt.



    Hi Kathleen,

    Those leather coats would have been great to work with! 🙂

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