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    I just have a few questions for the first assignment

    1- we are suppose to sketch our bag I’ve never done that befor is there a certain way we are suppose to do?

    “I want to see detailed pictures of your patterns, make sure they are notched , if not you points will be deducted.”

    What do u mean by notched i dont understand the word

    And do we post the assignment here here?


    Thank you




    Hi Reem – welcome to the Academy. I’ll try and answer a couple of your questions. What Richard wants to see in your sketch is the shape of the bag and any details that are on the bag, seam lines, straps, pockets and maybe any hardware. Most of us can’t draw but it also helps you to a clearer idea of what you need to include on your pattern.

    When you make your pattern you need to make notches on the  corresponding pieces that are joined together -these notches are also marked on your material so when you join seams they will meet up in the correct place.

    You will find a short video explaining how to submit your assignment if you look to the right on the beginning handbag course page.

    Hope this helps a bit.



    Hello and welcome!

    Bonnie’s answer above is perfect and if you haven’t watched the assignment video, please do…Linda gives a GREAT example of the patterning (and notching) that is expected to be created with this lesson & course.


    Can’t wait to see your lovely creations!


    Thank you very much Bonnie and D’Anna I appreciate sharing info with me. I found the video of how to send in my assignment. I already watched the video but I guess i am confused about the terminology. I still dont now what notched  means lol but i will follow the directions and do my bag. Hope you guys have a nice day

    sincerely Reem


    Hi, I have been looking for the assignment video on what I need to have done before submitting my first assignment and can’t find it. I have looked and looked. I found the one about how to submit an assignment but not Linda’s. Any chance of posting a link? I am ready to sew my T-Bottom Tote, but think I read somewhere not to start sewing it until I had submitted the drawings & pattern images to get feedback. Is that correct? Thanks in anticipation 🙂


    Hi Reem,

    Please start the first assignment, review the video and look at how we teach you to make a pattern. Notches are indication on the pattern.


    Hi Leoni,

    There is no video on what you need to submit an assignment.

    To submit an assignment please take photos of your patterns all of them. Pictures of some of the steps you went through and pictures of the finished bag. Front, back bottom and gussets also submit the sketch of your design for the bag. Put in a folder and create a zip file and submit as a assignment. You can also leave comments.

    I actually thought this was answered by Bonnie, my apologies 🙂


    Thank you Richard!

    I dont have bontex but i found a stabilizer at my local fabric store. Will that be enough?



    You can try to use the stabilizer in the same way, you wouldn’t get the same effect.


    Does the Bontex Kit come with the different thickness?  Is there one thickness we need more than others for the Beginner course if so can we order extras of one thickness?



    The Bontex Kit comes with 5 different weights or thickness.


    I’m a new student and had a nice conversation with Richard today by phone.  I asked him about the stabilizer used in the Lesson 1 video.  He said it was a Pellon stabilizer (not Bontex).  He shared that for any bag that requires it to be ‘turned’ right side out after sewing you probably don’t want to use Bontex (it is apparently very stiff and would make it difficult to turn).  He suggested using Pellon stabilizer for bags that require ‘turning’.

    Meanwhile, I ordered my Bontex starter kit today as I’m anxious to use it for things like pockets and straps…thing’s that don’t require turning.

    Thanks for the tip Richard!



    Yes for me too. I had no idea what ‘stays’ were or what they were meant to do. Never heard of rubber cement either.


    So I had to watch parts of the video over and over again …. and go back and forth .


    I did not sketch anything yet. My first assignment I am taking my time with and doing a little of it at a time with my free time…once done… however long that takes..i am going to do it all over again because I will have a wee bit more knowledge.


    A simple explanation of stays: “stay here” fabric or leather, don’t you dare move. 🙂


    Hi Richard and Linda,

    After months of not being able to start my classes, I am now able to continue. I have watched the video for the T-Bottom tote multiple times and I understand the concept of creating the master, outside and lining patterns, however, I am stuck on figuring out dimensions for the bag I would like to make. In the video the dimensions are the same through the whole bag. I would like to make my t-bottom bag wider at the top. These are my master pattern dimensions:

    Top – 11.5″ wide
    Height – 11″ high
    Bottom – 11 ” wide
    Depth – 7.5″ Does this equal the size of the sides (gussets) of the bag as well?

    When I started to draft the master pattern, I got stuck, I folded my pattern paper in half and I divided all dimensions by half.   Where I am struggling is how to add the the dimensions of the  bottom and sides.

    See video link, hope you can see what I mean.


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