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    dawn wells

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. i was creating the messenger bag with the tbottom pocket and ran into a problem. first, i was creating a lined pocket with a contrast color so i ironed in interfacing to the lining and the outside fabric. i sewed and turned the pocket inside out but the corners of the pockets were so thick after sewing them together that i could not find a way to get the seam to go around the corners nicely. also, i made another mistake, i should have sewed the pockets and strap on first before placing in the foam interfacing on the bag…duhhhh on me. it was nearly next to impossible to move around lol. then, not thinking ahead, i made my strap at 7/8th of an inch but the background contrast color i made 1/8 larger which made finding hardware for the side release buckle a real pain. i started another messenger bag this time with only one side of the fabric interfaced on the tbottom pockets and have sewn the strap and pockets on first before adding the foam interfacing. hopefully this will help other newbies to not make the same mistakes. my bag is a little ambitious for a beginner but oh well, we only live once and i might as well get the hard stuff out of the way.

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    Hi Dawn,
    Can you post pictures of the areas you had a problem with?
    After you have sewn the two pieces together, to remove the thickness take your scissors at an angle cut upwards to the top, careful not to cut too close to the seam. Also move the seam slightly off center and always a little tap with your mallet.This will help the pockets lay down correctly for stitching.

    Always feel free to share your mistakes it’s the best learn tool you have.

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