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    Hi Everyone!

    It has been a very bad 3 weeks for HMDH Academy, which I’m sure everyone is aware of. We had a massive data lost of images, that effected the whole entire site all pictures were lost but it did not effect the written content and videos.

    I have always shared every thing with all of my students concerning HMDH because I feel like each of you are a part of it not just students but a part of it. What happened? We were attempting to change from one hosting company that was becoming increasingly disruptive as they migrated to the cloud. Our developer prepared the site for migration, which should have went seamlessly.  I had done it many times over the years and our webmaster who has a wealth of knowledge had done it many times also. We did the migration and in the process we found out that the other hosting company had corrupted some of our Moodle databases, which accounts for the massive lost of data. The next thing that happened, is the hosting company where we had our domains parked switched our DNS pointers and the website was down for almost 30 hours. This happened without our permission and involved a lot of yelling and screaming on my part, I was extremely disappointed and felt as if I had let the whole school down.

    Jon, our webmaster, was extremely supportive and picked me up off the floor and fought through all of our issues and has started to reconstruct our school and rebuild what was lost and made it better! I know many of you are extremely disappointed but we hope that our new dashboard and how you view the content will help you feel better about what has happened and the future of the school. We can even give you Certificates of Completion now!

    We still have a lot to do! The Beginning Course is now here and we hope you like it. Intermediate will be complete within the next few days and Advanced being the most intense course will be started when Intermediate has been completed. Because of all the issues we have had some of my new classes will need to be postponed, but I do hope to start with them in the next few weeks to get back on track for the holidays. At the moment all active students have access to the old site and the classes. You will need to login and just go to the “student lounge” to view all of the old classes. To get to the new formatted Beginning Course, just go to the Beginning Course and you will be taken to your dashboard and have access to the new format. I’m not going to lie there maybe a bug, but we have tested and hopefully resolved them.

    I know I’m always apologizing lately, but please accept another one. All of my students are the most important thing to me and I want all of you to be happy. It truly saddens me when I can’t live up to expectations.

    I want to express my deepest gratitude to Jon at Titian Web Services our webmaster for the effort and belief in this project. The same goes for all of our students who didn’t stop believing and I understand the frustration of those who left.

    That’s it, that’s the story.


    Hang in there Richard! We are behind you. Hope this all helps you out in the end.

    You may already know this, but I think in your crash, it messed up notifications again. Haven’t received one since 9-22.

    You have lost all pictures? It may not be the time, but if you get to the point you would like some of them resent, let us know. Any other way we can help?

    Keep on pluggin!

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