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    I am making a leather cross body bag as well as a wristlet and would like to put a fabric lining in it. After I sew zipper with lining to the top of the bag I turn the bag so that both pieces of leather are facing each other then I sew them together. Afterwards, I sew the lining leaving the majority of the bottom open so that I can turn the bag right side out.    When I start sewing the lining I start right under where the zipper is but when I turn the bag right side out the seam from the leather sticks out. Please help or refer me to a video that I can view.




    Hi Andrea. I am not sure what bag you are working on. It is hard to steer you in the right direction without knowing that. Or if you could post some pictures that would help even more. I think you may have the sewing sequence out of order. If I am reading your post right, it seems you are sewing the lining together after it is in the bag. It is normally sewn completely then turned and then put in the bag and attached at the top. I am not quite sure where the zippers are in this equation though, so if you can post a few more details someone here should be able to get you going in the right direction.

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