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    I’m excited to begin designing my lesson 3 assignment for a messenger bag!  I’m confused on the following instruction on the Assignment page  as it mentions both the U shaped gusset which I believe is the gusset and bottom combined.  In the tutorial it shows you making a side gusset for one style back and the U-shaped gusset that you showed at the very end to show the differences between the two.  Is the assignment that we must do the side shaped one first? (not the full U-shaped one that includes the bottom?)  Are we going to be tasked with making two messenger bags – 1 for each gusset type?  Thanks so much in advance for the clarification.

    (copied from the assignment page)
    Assignment #3 Variation of the messenger bag.
    Welcome to the second part of the beginning classes. In this part of the class we will do a U-shape gusset and a oval or oblong bottom bag. We will also go over pleated pockets.

    The first assignment will be the U shaped gusset. 

    Look at the messenger bag tutorial.The grey messenger bag is an example of the  gusset we will learn.Your assignment is to translate the messenger bag into a shoulder bag.

    The first piece of the pattern is the gusset. With this construction the gusset determines the shape of the bag. The first piece of your pattern will be the gusset. [contact-form]


    Hi Janelle,

    In this assignment you have the option of the “wrap around” gusset or the “U” shape gusset. You can do either one depending on your design.


    Thanks Richard!

    I’m going to make a smaller version of the Messenger Bag…I tend to like smaller bags.  I hope that is ok!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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