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    handbag hardware


    This opportunity is for “students only” of HMDH Academy! Bonnie Stillwell and Simona Businelli have agree to go to the show in Italy. There will hundreds if not thousands of vendors at the show.
    February, 21st-23rd 2017
    Fiera Milano Rho – Milan – Italy
    Position: PAD. 22P – BOOTH K 11-13 / L 12-14
    We have the catalogue that was sent to me one by of the companies! Clic S.r.l.
    I have had contact with this company for sometime, there normal minimum order is 12 per item, but when purchasing at a show, there is no minimum so this is a great opportunity to buy one or two pieces and get a great selection of premium handbag hardware to give your handbag that designer look.

    Bonnie and Simona will make the purchase for all of us in the U.S and ship to me. We can split the cost of shipping from Europe and once here, then we will put in a flat rate box.

    These links include the hardware available 1-12, then the last 3 PDF’s have a size comparison chart so you will know the exact size of the items you are interested in.
    We are in the process of trying to get a price list from the company. So that we all will know the prices. Unfortunately we can’t calculate shipping, because we have no idea what that cost will be. We don’t know how much we will be purchasing and the weight.
    Payment will be upfront and forwarded via Paypal to me with the items you want to purchase, if you are in the United States or Canada. Then I will forward to Bonnie or Simona. If you are in another part of the world, Africa or Australian then decide who is closest to compare shipping cost. Shipping shouldn’t be too bad since in most cases the hardware will fit in flat rate boxes. If anyone has a better solution then let me know. I want to save Bonnie and or Simona the task of sorting out the orders, they have done enough by buying tickets for trains and airplane and hotels, then having to come back and sort everything out and shipping to individuals, I would prefer I do that.

    If this works out this maybe a good way for all of us to order again and not have to meet the minimum per item and get wholesale prices and have a great selection to choose from as individuals when making new styles of handbags. Who knows!
    Pick your items, put the links in your browser to view.

    Click to access catalogo1.pdf

    Click to access catalogo2.pdf

    Click to access catalogo3.pdf

    Click to access catalogo4.pdf

    Click to access catalogo5.pdf

    Click to access catalogo6.pdf

    Click to access catalogo7.pdf

    Click to access catalogo8.pdf

    Click to access catalogo9.pdf

    Click to access catalogo10.pdf

    Click to access catalogo11.pdf

    Click to access catalogo12.pdf

    Click to access Catalogue-206.pdf

    Click to access Catalogue-1228.pdf

    Click to access Catalogue-2044.pdf

    Student feedback on this proposal is welcome!
    If interested please let me know.


    What a wonderful opportunity!  Looking forward to understanding the prices!


    Hey Janelle,

    I just updated the Doc in the facebook group! Since that is where most of the students are.
    Here is the update:

    UPDATE February 27th, 2017

    Here is the official update as information flows into us. Bonnie, Simona and I will be working super hard to arrange this. It will take some coordination. If we can bring it together then we will have a really cool thing going on that could help us all reach our goals, now and into the future.
    My goal is to provide my students with more then just training but avenues to reach their goals. This opportunity will provide us with drop dead hardware that will give your bags that exclusive look!
    Your goals should be to dazzle the world with your designs
    We have learned the following steps:
    1. Pick the products we are interested in.
    Every person interested go through the catalogue find the pages that most interest you. Then post the page number and products.

    2. Once we have the product then we send that to the manufacture and they will give us a price and what each style minimum will be. ( yes they still enforce a minimum it could be as little as 1,6 or 12, but that’s okay.) Some of us might want the same pieces.
    3. Once we have the prices, I will post them. Then we can start to make our selections.
    4. The individual orders are then paid for in full, we will pick a due date and everyone pays on the due date and deposited with either Simona or Bonnie whichever one decides to be the banker. They place the order at the show, this allows them to establish a relationship with the company. The pieces are then made, so they are not sitting around in a storage bin, they are made only when sold.
    5. It takes 4 weeks to be shipped. This means it will be four weeks to reach our distribution points. This could mean from Bonnie Stillwell, Simona Businelli or me depending on where you live in the world.

    That’s where we are now! Every step will be documented, Every order will be given to me so that we have documents in triplets, One to Bonnie, one Simona and one to me and of course you will have your own record. Participates will be updated as we are updated. All purchases will be under the HMDH Academy Account. This way we have control of the orders and speak as one voice. Once we have set this up, anytime we need more we can just submit as a group and purchase as a group. Simona lives in Italy so it makes sense that she will be our direct contact with the company once the order is place.

    We will use this doc, to post comments, orders and status of the order.
    As always, comments and suggestions as to how to make this buying group better will be appreciated and amended as we go forward.

    If you go to Facebook group you will see additional info.


    Hi Richard!

    Honestly going through all the catalogs is difficult as there are so many nice things!  I have no idea what I may need/want in the coming months.  I’d like to commit to $100 worth of items.  Please consider me interested in things like closures and embellishments.  I’d like to choose from your inventory once you have purchased items and select what may interest me.  My choices locally for things like this are ‘non existent’ so I’d like to support the Academy in getting an inventory to work with.


    Again, I will commit to $100



    Hi Janelle,

    You have to pick exactly what you want first and pay up front, please read the terms above. The company wants payment first, since they only will make the items after payment.

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