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    Hi Richard,

    Is there a recessed collar video that’s missing? It jumps from creating the pattern in one video to zipper already installed on the collar in another video. Seems the inbetween is missing. Also the videos are not arranged in sequence which might be confusing for some folks.




    The reason for this is that assignment 2 is a continuation for assignment 1. In Video one we show you how to make the collar.
    In video 2 we show you how to make the lining for the collar.
    In video 3 is a review. Also look at video resources if you have any addition question contact me.


    I’m curious…  The original pattern that we made for the T bottom tote…. would not the liner need to be cut shorter??   And our center for the collar.  Do the measurements need to be precise or do you just fudge it to fit the collar.






    Hi Patti,
    The measurement would depend on the thickness of the top turned edge. To complete this assignment, click on the video resources  button and Linda has made a video explaining the process. The collar is made first and should be fitted. Then the zipper stay is attached to the seam allowance of the collar and then sewn into place. The reason for this fitting is there is no exact way to measure the thickness of the turned edge, since it would vary from material to material.


    I watched the videos but how did Linda know how long to make the master zipper stay for the recessed collar?  I understand the straight pieces are the same length as the master.


    Hi Janice,

    You can use the bottom as a guide, it attaches to the collar.  The stay will be smaller then the bottom.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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