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    In the video you backed the fabric with pellon. I am using leather and if I want to make the leather a little more stable do I use the Bontex at this point instead of the pellon? If so, which Bontex do I use? If I am happy with the weight of my leather without using anything to back it do I fold the edge of the leather over onto itself? In the video you folded the edge over onto the pellon after it was glued to it. You started out with a fabric bottom backed with pellon but the bag was finished with a leather bottom. The video never showed what the leather was backed with, if any. Could it be glued to another piece of leather and then eventually sewn? At the end a piece of cardboard is used on the bottom of the bag, what can be used in it’s place?


    As I said on our phone chat, it’s expensive to use leather as a stay. To give your leather more stability. Use Pellon or felt. We use stays to fold the edges. Bontex is used for the bottom of the bags, with a piece of leather covering it. Bontex is also used for your turning stays and windows.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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