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Hi Tammy,

I thought I sent you a note explaining, but here it is again.

As you go through the course you will discover how the different weights are use, it mostly depends on the designer how they want the bag to look and the type of support they want the bag to have. Consider how stiff you want your edges and how to support the body of the bag. Remember you can turn Bontex too much, it will create creases. so only use it on the body of the bag after turned. Also remember that you can use Pellon 926 when you want to give the body of your bag more support, then you can turn the bag.

.013 for turning stays and windows, flap linings, appliqués

.015 for turning stays and windows, flap linings, appliqués, handles depending on fabric.

.020 for stays , turning stays zipper windows and slip pockets, appliqués, tailored linings, handles

.030 for bottoms, flaps

.040 for bottoms, envelop bags,

In most cases I will say which one to use as I go through the process of making the bag in the video. However this is always designer preference.

*The weights are marked in the corners of each sheet.

yes it used for structure, you have to sew the bags differently, Bontex can’t be turned. It can’t be turned if use on the front, back and as a stay for the gussets. You can get away with bottoms because the turn is not so drastic. If the bag is soft constructed and must be turned then 926 Pellon is a better choice.

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