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Hi Richard and Linda,

After months of not being able to start my classes, I am now able to continue. I have watched the video for the T-Bottom tote multiple times and I understand the concept of creating the master, outside and lining patterns, however, I am stuck on figuring out dimensions for the bag I would like to make. In the video the dimensions are the same through the whole bag. I would like to make my t-bottom bag wider at the top. These are my master pattern dimensions:

Top – 11.5″ wide
Height – 11″ high
Bottom – 11 ” wide
Depth – 7.5″ Does this equal the size of the sides (gussets) of the bag as well?

When I started to draft the master pattern, I got stuck, I folded my pattern paper in half and I divided all dimensions by half.   Where I am struggling is how to add the the dimensions of the  bottom and sides.

See video link, hope you can see what I mean.


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