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Hi! I am sorry I could answer only now, the week was a bit busy!

Thank you everyone, you are so kind, but I wanted to show all the  mistakes I made this time…. Sometimes it is a matter of thickness of leather, sometimes it is my fault because I couldn’t calculate precisely how the lining should fit while bending. This time i think it is the second one. I want to make another one to be sure the pattern works properly, this bag was a sort of mock up (I used remnants of leather for the black part, while inside I used some kind of fabric resembling suede). The handle should be a little thicker, I think. Here are the pictures:


I forgot to sew the sides to the lining!!!!

And here one side fits but not the other one, but it probably depends on the way I attached the flap piece, because on the whole it created creases in the lining part (see below)

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