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Hi Rita,

Have you made the pattern yet? The drawing was the making of the pattern, you then cut it out,(review the picture) folded it up. There is only one way to sew it, you connect the seams and sew. One piece construction is sewing the two gusset seams together like you did for the T- bottom tote in the first lesson.

This class was more complex and involved type of construction. The sewing in many of the classes I don’t do, the reason for that is if you understand the pattern you made then you understand how to sew it. The figuring out of the sewing sequence helps you make better patterns, the two elements need each other to coexist and for you the designer to be more creative. When you design patterns you have to take in consideration the tools and machines you have on hand and design within those limitation. For example if your foot on your machine is 1/2 and you know the stitch needs to be close the edge, then you make a pattern to accommodated the foot.Please look at the photos below the videos, to help with the sewing. Hope this helps 🙂

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