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HHhi Susan. I know Richard is having a tough time with the site and I don’t think he has seen this because he would have already answered. But so as not to leave you hanging I will try and answer. Bontex (in US, it has other names in other parts of the world) is available through a supplier but you will need about $100 order. The other option is through the store here on site. Linda and Richard made up a bontex kit that has all different types/thicknesses so you can try it as well as see what thicknesses will do what. Unless it has changed dramatically, I recall it having enough to complete the handbag classes through intermediate. That said, he has added alot more content for the new students, so it may not go that far. But you will get a lot of bags out of the kit. For what it’s worth I think it’s the only way to go. I still have some from years ago. They made it a very good deal for the students.

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