Trial bag with Decovil

by Bonnie Stillwell – Saturday, 25 April 2015, 7:58 AM 

I have just finished a trial bag using Decovil.  Decovil is a fusible nonwoven interfacing with a leather-like (suede) feel which is fusible. I cut windows in the Decovil thinking that the gusset would fold inwards – that didn’t happen so won’t do that on the next bag.

I did find that it held quite well even with turning the back right side out after stitching the side seam but, you can see from the closeup that it started to pull away slightly near the window


Re: trial bag with Decovil

by Bonnie Stillwell – Friday, 1 May 2015, 8:22 AM


Thanks for all the comments. Sorry I have taken a while to answer but I wanted to check out the decovil.

There are 2 qualities of Decovil – firm and light. I wasn’t exactly sure which I had used so sent for a couple of sample pieces and I have taken pictures and measurements.

The bag was made with the firm I was able to turn it without any creases so am sure that the light will do the same, will try it out next week.

The light is on the left

The measurements are in inches .0045 for the light and .0205 for the firm== metric .11mm and .48mm

I will see if I can work out how much it might be to supply this to fellow students, as always it will probably be the carriage charges. I will do some more research.

While looking on the internet I came across this blog about of Decovil from a bag maker

3 more bags using Decovil 1
by Bonnie Stillwell – Tuesday, 9 June 2015, 11:57 AM

I have made 3 more bags using the same pattern as my last trial. I did not use any windows instead I scored the fold lines for the base. I actually turned these bags and no crinkle.

Bag w/ decovil
I found that the adhesive did come away in a couple of places so I used a damp cloth and pressed the bags when they were finished. I am really pleased with the final result.

Bag w/ decovil 1 -7Bag w/ decovil 1 -9Bag w/ decovil 1 -8Bag w/ decovil 1 -10


I love Decovil. I learned about it through a Facebook group. I even was able to fuse it onto leather. I covered the entire piece of leather with the Decovil and used my iron on low heat. I trimmed the seam allowance after it was fused. It does come off at points. I used rubber cement for those places.

I order it from Amazon. It ships from Germany.



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