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The Advanced Course consists of 10 lessons graded towards completion of the course. Each course builds on the next course, It is important to complete the lessons in order.  If you complete the course with a passing score you receive a certificate of completion for your hard work! If you have any questions you can contact us at

This course is the most comprehensive course available on the web on constructed bags. What are constructed bags? This class will introduce you to constructed and semi constructed handbags.
Learn broken bottom, flat bottom construction, gussets, and tunnel gusset construction as well as envelopes and clutches. You will also get an introduction to box bag construction, self- framing (create your on frames) push-up frame and more! This is the most comprehensive online handbag course on the internet at this level anywhere!

It’s important students understand that you need to complete the Beginning Course before you sign up for Advanced. If you sign up for Advanced and didn’t complete the Beginning Course, then well, what can I say? All I can tell you is go back to the Beginning Course…advanced is a different type of sewing, your stitches are all top stitches, you can make it work on a walking foot flatbed, but you get better results with a walking foot cylinder and easier to sew. Consider investment.


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