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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Course Take?
Each course has a monthly or yearly option, how long it take depends on the time you have to devote to complete each lesson. If you have unlimited time, then it’s possible to complete one lesson per week, there are 10 lesson to the course.
What if I get stuck on a lesson?
You got me and Linda, my wife and partner, instructors with over 50 years experience between us. We answer questions in our community groups so they can be shared with each student. You can also email us, but it’s always best to share answers with others, sometimes there is more than one answer to the problem.
How often do you release new content?
We try to release new content every month. Sometimes it may not be a full tutorial depending on what group you are in. Shorts and demo’s focused on a specific technique could be released weekly, so it all depends. I have a library of lessons to choose from, so you won’t be bored.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yep you can cancel anytime! Both yearly and monthly are subscriptions. You can cancel via Paypal under your subscriptions in your Paypal profile. Are request via email, but to avoid mistakes we strongly recommend that you cancel via Paypal.
What age groups do you support?
We don’t have a specific age group restriction, if you can operate a sewing machine then you can learn handbag design.We encourage the young to have fun and explore the creativity that can be expressed through handbag design. Somebody got keep the old ways alive!
What supplies do I need?
To successfully complete the course you need access to a good strong sewing machine, best would be a walking foot flatbed for the Beginning Course. If you wish to do leather, then I suggest an industrial machine for best results. You should also have these additional supplies listed below:

  • Steel rulers- 36″-24″-18″- 12″
  • Oaktag pattern paper- Can be purchased online
  • Exacto and utility knife
  • Material
  • Bontex- stiffer for stays
  • Cutting board
Do you ever lose access to watch the videos after the one year expiration date?
“Do you ever lose access to watch the videos after the one-year expiration date? If I need to re-purchase the courses, I want to know because I am very scared to start for some reason because I’m a bit intimidated because I don’t have a clue what I’m doing… “
Yes, you have one year to complete the course, you should copy and paste the notes for reference in the future, you do not get forever access. people tend to share their logins with friends and family.
Story: When I started I was 42 years old and had never sewn a button on in my life. 1st day in class we made a simple pattern. Went home, made the bag from the pattern in a few hours, My wife and I took a card table went to Broadway and Houston and sold it for $30.00 true story. Within 2 months our bags were in stores.
Where do you get the materials? Like the leathers, the punch tool thingies, etc.
You get as many materials as you can locally first and then online, to establish a supply chain if you ever plan to sell to the public. Where you get tools and other items depends on where you live and what supplies are around you, Tandy leather maybe near you, if no then online. I suggest that all students start with fabric, it’s cheaper to learn with , than leather. We use rubber cement to hold things in place until sewn.
I have a home machine, do I need to purchase another machine?

I have a home sewing machine that I purchased last November. I am learning to use it, but I am very slow because I don’t know where to begin. I want to do my own bag designs (not to become a bag maker, but just for myself). I plan on making some leather bags, some like the Chloe box bag, the Hermes Birkin bag, etc. Do I need to get another machine for this? If so, would you mind giving me some suggestions and places to purchase?

Yes, you will need an industrial walking foot machine a consew 206rb-5 is a good machine I use. You should try and find a used one, they are cheaper and if you can buy locally for a sewing machine shop so that you have a place to repair the machine if it needs adjustments in the future.


I can't draw a straight line, what would a person do to create a pattern?

I can’t draw, but I have gotten better, I design from my mind, once you understand how something is made, you can design in your mind. All ideas start in your mind you don’t have to draw, it’s good to put down your ideas to remember, but the design is in your mind.

At HMDH Academy you create your own designs from lesson one, you create the pattern and you make it, your designs.

Will we learn about different what types of needles and thread to use with which kind of fabric?
I can’t teach about needles because all machines are a little different, you learn all those things by doing, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning process in bag making and design, it’s how we grow and become better.
Do you need any previous sewing skills?
No, all you need is the motivation to learn this craft, you have to love it, you have to want the results of all your mistakes and hard work and learning, which is to see your work and ideas carried by someone you will never meet. Bag design and making is labor and time intensive, you have to want it.

Inspiring Creativity Through Knowledge

We can’t promise you, you’ll become a famous handbag designer but what we can promise, is to give you the tools you need to start the journey!

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2764 N GREEN VALLEY PKWY Ste 509 HENDERSON, NV 89014-2120

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