The Beginning handbag course is designed to teach you a series of handbag pattern making and construction techniques that allow you the designer to release the designer in you. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, giving you a complete understanding how the different element of a bag can be interchanged to create your own unique designs.

All classes are online!

List of Classes

Lesson -1- T- Bottom Totes and Bags
Lesson -2- Making A Recessed Collar with Zipper
Lesson -3- Messenger Bag
Lesson -4- Round Bottom Bags
Lesson -5- The Classic aka Zebra Bag
Lesson -7- Leather Croc Bag – Enclosed bag
Lesson 8- Barrel Bag – Round Sides
Lesson -9- One Piece Construction
Lesson 10- Zippered Gussets
Emma Triangle Coin Purse Raw Edge – a simple pattern for practice
These are easy to learn techniques such as, walking the pattern, making a gusset, making the master pattern, the outside pattern and the lining pattern. How to make stays, add functionality to your bags, turning, raw edge work, how to work with leather. How to use windows for zippers, slip pockets and working with various kinds of backing material.

One of the things I try to do is make each student change their mindset in how they approach pattern making. Pattern making is a problem solving craft, every time you change something you are presented with different options to resolve the problems. Over time each student will develop their own way to resolve those questions using the set of techniques taught. How you resolve those questions will determine your style and limitations as you go forward. You are always presented with choices, which forces you to make decisions, those decisions are your learning tools.

$14.95 per month!

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