I have just viewed Lesson 1 in it’s entirety and am ready to get started but have a few questions regarding the materials.

1. I prefer to work with leather and have been using Tandy Leather Contact Cement to date.  Do I need to switch to Rubber Cement?  I was previously told that the sewing needle passes through Contact Cement better than rubber cement, but maybe that information was wrong, please advise.

2. I could not find Oaktag Paper anywhere so I purchased a pink material from Tandy Leather that makes a good pattern, but it is too thick to utilize your methods of scoring and bending.  Where can I order the proper pattern material?

3.  When using leather, how much smaller should I make the lining?  I’m sure it depends on the thickness of the leather being used, but I thought you might have a rule-of-thumb (i.e. for 2-3 oz leather make lining 1/4″ smaller, etc)


Thank you and I look forward to getting started!

Cheri Riva-Heffren



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