Assignment in Pictures

At the beginning of each lesson you are asked to review the videos associated with the class. There are also support videos we call “shorts” these are video responses to questions that have been asked over the years. Once you have reviewed the videos you are asked to sketch the bag you want to make, your design, your idea! By following the steps in the video, you design, make the pattern and then make the bag you designed. The quality of your bag will depend on your attention to detail and the results you expect from yourself, it’s your name, your brand.

Below is an example of a completed lesson from beginning to finished bag. This bag was a labor of love for Mona the designer and maker of this incredible handbag. The bag is hand sewn, it took over 3 months for her to complete and one of the best designed bags a student has ever done, especially when you consider this was assignment 2.

Inspiring Creativity Through Knowledge

We can’t promise you, you’ll become a famous handbag designer but what we can promise, is to give you the tools you need to start the journey!

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