No more random downtime!

We have a few quick announcements. The first is that this site has been migrated to a new VPS.  This means that now we should be done with the random downtime and can proceed with a normal operation and development schedule.  We will be migrating the domains next and there may be some scheduled downtime in the future but we will announce that transfer in advance.

The Second announcement is that because our migration to the new VPS is complete I was able to activate the sites SSL certificates and the site should once again display as Secure icon in your browsers!

I have also added the "Old Forums/Courses" navigation link to the top bar to allow you to go to the old forums and courses on the Moodle LMS. These forums are still active but we will be pushing all forum activity to the new HMDH forums over the next few weeks as we start to phase out the old with the new.

Thanks for hanging in there as we get things running smooth again!

~ Jon -Webmaster for HMDH


Random website downtime: 8/26/2016

The HMDH  website may experience some unscheduled maintenance today as we press on some hosting changes. The site may become unresponsive at times or I may have to put it in maintenance mode.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 
~ Jon -Webmaster for HMDH 


Random website downtime: 7/27/2016

The HMDH  website may experience some unscheduled down time over the next week. The company that host this site is experiencing some technical difficulties. If the site does go down it will come back in a few minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience and are taking action to resolve the problem. Thank you for your patience. 

~ Jon -Webmaster for HMDH