Advance Course- Materials and Terms for Box Bag

Materials and Terms for Boxbags

A few terms you may need to know when making boxbags.

Chipboard: is a cardboard made of recycled paper pressed into a paperboard. It comes in 2 colors- Kraft & News. Kraft is brown and News is grey. It has grain so one side will bend more easily than the other. It comes in various thicknesses. The higher the number the thicker the board. 1 ply and 2 ply chip are used in making box bags. Bontex is used for making the wrap.

Contact Cement: is a synthetic adhesive that is applied separately to the surfaces to be joined and is allowed to dry, with the surfaces then being brought into contact. Unlke rubber cement, the bond is permanent. Barge is the recommended brand for contact cement. Contact cement will bleed through certain types of fabric.


There are two kinds of foam. Closed cell foam is foam that is made by forming the foam around a gas and makes complete cells around the gas. The gas cannot escape, so we get very dense feeling foam. Open cell foam is also formed around a gas, but doesn’t make complete cells, so it allows air to escape when pressure is applied and sucks it back in when pressure is released. Depending on usage either one can be appropriate. But if you want the spongy feel like on the outside of a bag, definitely go for the open cell foam.  

One thin kind of open cell foam is the ¼” or 3/16” headliner foam originally made for the automotive industry.  The automotive manufactures have stopped using this kind of headliner, so the foam company found a new outlet in the craft industry.  That is the reason you now find this product in chain fabric stores like Hancock Fabric.  There is also available 1/8” headliner foam that was originally used to wrap pillar posts and sunroof panels in cars, but this foam hasn’t made it to the fabric stores.  Besides some fabric stores you can find ¼” headliner foam at your local auto upholstery shop and if you can’t get it at either place, Google it:  ¼” headliner as there are plenty of places that will sell and ship it to you.  The 1/8” headliner material can only be found at your local auto upholstery shop or I found it on line Googling 1/8” headliner.


Dated:  1/4/2012

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Foam short



Vendor for open cell foam in the New York City area. 

Canal Rubber Supply 

329 Canal Street

New York, New York 10013


I purchased mine from Barry and he referred to it as “regular foam”. They sell retail. 

They have 1/4″ which is $3.10 a yard or you can buy it by the roll which is $120.00 per roll (36 width by 50 yards).

They also sell 1/8″. By the roll it is $134.00 (36 width by 100 yards). They did not have the 36 width in stock when I was there, but that is what they order if you want a roll. They had the 24″ width which is what I bought. It was $1.45 per yard.

They do ship. I believe he said UPS. 

Dated: 1/12/2012


Turn: means turning the edges over the stay

Wrap: refers to the stay that is covered with the outside fabric which will be wrapped around the box

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One of the things I try to do is make each student change their mindset in how they approach pattern making. Pattern making is a problem solving craft, every time you change something you are presented with different options to resolve the problems. Over time each student will develop their own way to resolve those questions using the set of techniques taught. How you resolve those questions will determine your style and limitations as you go forward. You are always presented with choices, which forces you to make decisions, those decisions are your learning tools.


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