HMDH Courses are set up starting with easy to more difficult. The styles of the bags we use in tutorials are not important. The techniques that make up the style are important.  The bag you design will be based on the technique learned.

For example the lesson T-Bottom tote. The fact that it’s a tote is unimportant, because T construction can create styles ranging from a clutch to a backpack, to a briefcase. Only the T is important  because it creates the front/back, the bottom and the gusset, how that T is used is up to the designer. All the techniques are interchangeable, together they are like notes in  music, always able to create an infinite number of possibilities.

The goal is for you to be able to look at a handbag differently, by looking at its parts before you go to the style. You will have to overcome problems such as the most common why my lining doesn’t fit?  Remember handbags is somewhat of an exact science. It’s hard to calculate the different thickness when making your lining, so lining sometimes have to be adjusted quite a bit. The 1/16 we start with is the starting point not the end point.

I can say, if you follow the courses and lessons in the order they are featured, when your experience is over you will be a pattern maker and you will know how to make beautiful handbags and any bag you see !


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