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HMDH Academy has been around for over 10 years teaching people from all over the world how to make a better handbag. Our Youtube videos have been viewed over 3 million times and our Academy has taught thousands over the years. Our techniques range from basic to advanced, tutorials guide you every step of the way. These are the most complete classes on the internet, notes, videos, a treasure trove of techniques found nowhere else.

From box bags to frames, everything you need to know is here. Download our apps or register on the site and get instant access to the entire site now, for free! Yippee!

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Eva Maria Tutorial-Advanced

Double Pleated Pocket

New Class Rossa

“ teaches members how to price work how to make patterns and design all types of handbags. Two accessories designers have developed the website – Richard and Linda Manigault – I recommend it to everyone involved in accessories. You will learn as much there as you would taking classes at any school.”

Michelle Lalonde

Former Professor F.I.T – NYC

From Sketch To Complete Handbag

From sketch to completed bag, at HMDH Academy you learn handbag pattern making and construction. We don’t teach a specific style of bag, what we teach is how to make all bags by using a combination of techniques and combining those techniques to make and design any bag you see or can design yourself.

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People come to HMDH Academy from the fashion world or have a clothing background. Some even made handbags but have no formal training. Many come with just the desire to learn how to make handbags and some were like me who have never sewn before. If you fit into any one of these categories, we got you!

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Inspiring Creativity Through Knowledge

We can’t promise you, you’ll become a famous handbag designer but what we can promise, is to give you the tools you need to start the journey!

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