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Our Story

Richard Manigault and Linda Gentile Manigault are two accessory designers from NYC, who attended Fashion Institute Technology. They went on to design for clothing designers and even had the opportunity to show their designs at New York’s famed fashion week where they strutted their stuff.

As students, they formed a small accessory company Manigault Gentile Ltd and together they have been designing and teaching handbags for over 20 years. Now as the founders of HMDH Academy they are sharing their knowledge and experience.

“ teaches members how to price work how to make patterns and design all types of handbags. Two accessories designers have developed the website – Richard and Linda Manigault – I recommend it to everyone involved in accessories. You will learn as much there as you would taking classes at any school.”

Michelle Lalonde

Former Professor F.I.T – NYC

Improve Your Skills

People come to HMDH Academy from the fashion world or have a clothing background. Some even made handbags but have no formal training. Many come with just the desire to learn how to make handbags and some were like me who have never sewn before. If you fit into any one of these categories, we got you!

From Sketch To Complete Handbag

From sketch to completed bag, at HMDH Academy you learn handbag pattern making and construction. We don’t teach a specific style of bag, what we teach is how to make all bags by using a combination of techniques and combining those techniques to make and design any bag you see or can design yourself.

Beginners Handbag Course

10 Lessons

The Beginning Course consists of 10 lessons and 9 are graded towards completion of the course. Each course builds on the next course, so it’s important to complete the lessons in order.

Advanced Handbag Course

10 Lessons

The Advanced Course consists of 10 lessons graded towards completion of the course. Each course builds on the next course, again it’s important to complete the lessons in order.

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25 Years Pattern Making and design experience



8 years online teaching experience



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Over 3,000 Students


What Our Students Say

So I’m so appreciative of this school and I have learned tons just from the first assignment! I look forward to learning everything my brain can contain and I hope everyone here achieves whatever goal they have set in their minds!

Jeannie Henderson

Thursday, June 2, 2016, 10:50 PM

By being able to design from the gusset and draw it the size and shape I wanted is very powerful! I love the fact that I am becoming more in command of making the bag I want! How awesome is that???


Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 1:45 PM

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We teach you how to make all of those things possible!

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Inspiring Creativity Through Knowledge

We can’t promise you, you’ll become a famous handbag designer but what we can promise, is to give you the tools you need to start the journey!

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