Everyone is thinking about what they can do to change their life, many are going back to school! The best way to have a life you love is to be able to do what you love!

 Maybe that's something you have you been thinking about, learning something new? A chance to change your life, doing something you always wanted to do.

There's no better way to change your life then education and training. At HMDH Academy we give you the quality training you need, to help you make those life changes. If you have ever thought about making and designing handbag for extra money or starting your own business, maybe selling online, then think about howtomakeadesignerhandbag.com or as we call it now HMDH Academy! Are you ready to go back to school and change your life?

Beginning Course

Pattern making and construction techniques, learn how to make and design any style soft handbag with professional results. Click here to enroll!

Intermediate Course

Learn to make constructed and semi constructed or structured handbags, envelopes, hard clutches, and tailored linings. Click here to enroll!

Advance Course

Learn wallets, frame bags, box bags, push-up frames, wire frames bags, one piece pattern making! Click here to enroll!

Learn to make your own handbags!

You can learn to make beautiful handbags at home at your own pace. We teach you how to make your designs come to life.


Learn fabric and leather techniques!

Learn how to make great fabric and leather bags, wallets and more! When you learn pattern making, you control your own creativity and your own future. 

Create your own collection!

Learn to make your own quality handbags from sketch to finished handbag! Add to your online handbag line! We teach you all you need to know! 

HMDH Academy Student creations!

These bags were designed by our students over the last few weeks! They come from all over the world and from different walks of life. Student designed and make their own patterns, starting with a sketch, then pattern and finally they make their bag.

The results are beautiful and original! HMDH Academy is one of the most unique handbag making environments on the internet. We help students take their first steps towards their dreams.


Our Facebook group is growing and we want it to grow even more! For that we need you!

I encourage all of our students to head over and get involved, you'll learn a lot and have some fun too! We have a great group and really great discussions that will enhance the learning experience at HMDH Academy!
For those just visiting, head on over and see what we are talking about, join the discussions! If you like talking, making and designing your own handbags then you will love our Facebook group!

"www.howtomakeadesignerhandbag.com teaches members how to price work, how to make patterns and design all types of handbags. Two accessories designers have developed the website-Richard and Linda Manigault-I recommend it to everyone involved in accessories. You will learn as much there as you would taking classes at any school."

Michelle Lalonde Former professor F.I.T- NYC - michellelalondeaccessories.com

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